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Created for researchers, by researchers, the revolutionary AppLab platform helps you create your own custom research app, putting every aspect of conducting a study at your fingertips. Now you can monitor your research subjects and analyze their responses on the FORHEALTH dashboard, without ever leaving the office. The platform simplifies the recruitment and retention of participants too, by allowing them to provide data through a fun, interactive app

Flexible Design

  • Select from our vast library of ready-made study components
  • Add your own specific modules or protocols
  • Ping participants with surveys when you want, where you want

Immediate Engagement

  • Introduce your own branding and name
  • Participants download the app
  • Collect informed consent via the app
  • No limit to number of respondents

Remote Management

  • Track participant activity via investigator dashboard
  • Engage participants via incentives and gamification
  • Create multiple security tiers with different levels of clearance within your research team
  • Multilingual for global engagement

Secure Data Collection

  • Data transferred and stored in HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant, IRB-approved servers
  • Easy, customizable data export from the research dashboard
  • API integrated with cloud-based data systems

We handle the development so you can focus on research

Creating and implementing an original research project is a full-time job— why worry about coding the backend too? Our professional team has it covered, taking care of all development within the platform.

No Coding
No Maintenance
Lower Cost
Reduced Time
Easier Data Management

An ever-expanding library of customizable modules

Whether conducting a study in public health, business, sociology or any field, AppLab is ready to meet your needs. Simply explore and choose from our growing library of research tools, such as cognitive tests, time trials, environmental sensing, and wearable sensors. If you can’t find the exact module you’re looking for, our web developers can build and customize it for you.

Select a Module
Build Your Own

Built with purpose by Harvard researchers

AppLab was originally developed by a team of researchers at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, for use in a global study to determine the effects of a building’s indoor air quality on human health and cognitive function. After seeing the ways it helped to make this study a success, the team has made the technology available to researchers everywhere.

Proven in the Field

AppLab has been used to conduct studies in a variety of disciplines. Check out who we've partnered with to see the impact it’s making in public health and beyond.

The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s Center for Health and the Global Environment, SUNY Upstate Medical University and Syracuse University implemented a study across six countries and with 500 people globally. The research team collected data from environmental sensors, the Fitbit module, demographic questionnaires, cognitive tests, and by gamifying participant compensation.

Expected to launch in fall 2019, this study will rely on AppLab to research the ways nature impacts our lives, using ecologic momentary assessment methods via smartphone. Researchers hope to provide new insights on OutdoorRx as a way to physical and mental recovery.

Junior faculty investigate social environmental issues across the country, using AppLab to craft a data collection tool for studying issues like sleep quality among college students, energy policy and housing, and the impacts of urban design on health.

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